New Music with Steph Liong

Steph Liong is back with this week’s new music!

Do you love Afro Funk? Then you need to check out Deke Tom Dollard from the Ivory Coast whose new EP has been remastered from albums originally recorded in 1979 and 1981. The songs are filled with afro soul, offbeat vocals, strong sax lines, fluid keys, riffing guitars and a dash of latin groove sung in the Bété language. Check out “Na You” for a taste.

If gritty, punchy, garage rock is more your style, the Loobs may be the new music you need in your ears. Hailing from Melbourne, their debut album Bubblewrap shows their love of early 90s slacker groups with fuzzy, hooky guitar riffs, easy going, catchy melodies and shoutalong anthems. To check out if their jangly swagger is your style, listen to “Port Augusta Prison Blues”

Now for something completely different! If you are after late night R&B mixed with electric jazz, you’re in luck as Kiwi singer/songwriter, Estère, has recently released her much anticipated double-album My Design, On Others’ Lives. She balances soft acoustic sounds with heavier, hard-hitting, synth grooves. Estère describes her music as ‘electric blue witch hop’. If you want to know what that sounds like, “Guilty” is a great track to start with.

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