New Music with Steph Liong

Steph Liong is back delivering the goods with the new music for the week.

Kicking off with a new project out of the UK by four piece band Piroshka, and their debut album Brickbat. Boasting a strong musical past with band members from the likes of Lush, Modern English and Elastica, the album has a shoegazing post punk thrust, and is inspired by the current political climate in the UK. This one’s called “Run for your life”.

Next up we have Martin Frawley and the release of his debut solo album Undone at 31. Frawley bears it all in this album, naming it after the year in his life that brought an end to a long term relationship. Check out this nostalgic track “Smoke in your house”.

Finishing off with Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Thelma, otherwise known as Natasha Jacobs. Following her diagnosis of EDS the artist has moved from guitars to synths, resulting in a bolder sound with more electronic textures. Take a listen to “Warm guts” from the album The only thing. 

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