New Music With Steph Liong

Kicking off March with the latest tracks you’ll be hearing on 2ser, Steph is back for New Music.

First off is British Singer-Songwriter Yola, and her new Walk Through The Fire. Rising above many tough circumstances through her life, the album title is a nod to a devastating house fire that left Yola injured. The album is a reflection on those tough times, chronicling that history whilst maintaining Yola’s impressive resilience that kept her going through those times.

Next is the LA-Based Meg Duffy’s project Hand Habits, with Placeholder. Showing a lot of growth as a band leader, stepping up from a career as a session musician and touring guitarist for a sweet, flavourful album featuring some trusted allies, branching out from their former sound as a purely solo project.

Finally we have Stephen Bailey, front man of Mt. Mountain, with his second solo album 9a much slower affair than what you’d normally hear from Bailey in Mt. Mountain. Creating a wide-screen like atmosphere with a variety of chiming instruments overlaid with Bailey’s croon-friendly voice, 9 is a rollicking album and a strong second outing for Bailey as a solo musician.

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