New Music with Steph Liong

Steph Liong is back with the new music that will be filling your ears this week.

Elusive funk musician Prophet has released Wanna Be Your Man, his new album since 1984. His first record, Right Time, developed a cult following in San Francisco of funk aficionados. This latest album is a cross between early Prince, Dâm-Funk and Madlib with effervescent boogie, manic bass lines and an undeniable 80s sheen. Check out ‘Tonight’  featuring Night Jewel for a taste of Prophet’s funktronica style.

Brisbane band Blank Realm have released a bold and adventurous new record, Last Seen. Filled with textured electronica and a healthy dose of drone and ambien, the album has a darker gothic feel. Their new track ‘Speed Boat on a River of Blood’ shows off their sprawling synthed reverb guitar and warped atmospheric retro drums.

Finally, we have Chicago artist Jessica Risker, who has just released her second album, I See You Among the Stars. It has been described as long, drifting, psych-folk lullaby, but this is not a sleep-inducing album. It has a comforting feel that is totally immersive with some ominous and melancholic moments. If you are a fan of storytelling artists like Nick Drake, you’ll enjoy Jessica Risker and you should check out the title track.

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