New Music with Steph Liong

Steph Liong is back with this week’s new music.  

First up, we’ve got Bombino’s new album, Deran, released on Friday. It’s a nice blend of funk, blues, folk and what he’s coined ‘Tuareggae’- a hybridised genre combination of traditional Tuareg melodies and reggae tunes. The album’s been recorded in Casa Blanca and in his own language, Tamasheq. Check out the song, ‘Midiwan’, which roughly translates to My friends.

Accomplished 12 string solo guitarist, Sarah Louise has released her new debut album. Deeper Woods follows an old school folk sound. The new track, ‘Bohman’s Route’, with her unusual guitar tuning and floating voice, has quite a chanting, ghostly soundscape.

Finally, coming from New York, Parquet Courts have released their fifth album, Wide Awake. It’s produced by Brian Burton (A.K.A. Danger Mouse), who has also worked with A$AP Rocky and Adele. There’s a undeniable new-found groove with frontman, Adam Savage’s spirited sing-shouting. Have a listen to ‘Mardi Gras Beads’.

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