New Music with Steph Liong

Steph Liong is back back delivering the goods, with this week’s New Music

Our first artist is Texan singer songwriter, Ari Roar. 60s guitar pop and the hub of a DIY bedroom production are the sounds grounding Calm Down, Ari Roar’s debut album. With an aim to translate the push and pull feeling of living with anxiety, Calm Down is an infectious record, with short 2 minute tracks that are sure to delight your ears.

Next up is South Manchester Hip-hop crew, The Mouse Outfit. Jagged Tooth Crook is the crew’s third album, a laid back mix of sharp-witted rhymes and organic sounds. With a group of 29 musicians working in the background to bring Jagged Tooth Crook together, the record is lively and flowing, with a myriad of influences. You might even catch a little Jazz and Soul hidden in the mix

And finishing up, we have Indie-Folk band, Dear Nora. The group are back in-action with the release of their new album Skulls Example. This is Dear Nora’s first album in 12 years, and it’s a pretty sweet comeback! With a techno-futuristic pulse, Dear Nora is both minimal and dynamic. The album incorporates seamless rhythms to fixate your thoughts on the permanence and transience of time. A soothing start that’s sure to get you into gear for a busy week ahead.

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