No Escape: Closed Circle Mysteries – BAD: Sydney 2023

We took to the stage at BAD: Sydney Crime Writers’ Festival this year to talk about mystery fiction. If you thought that closed circle mysteries had died with Agatha Christie, think again. They will never die although plenty of people do in the books in this session. Benjamin Stevenson’s new Everyone on this Train is a Suspect has several dead bodies on a literary festival train, Michael Trant’s Gabe Ahern in No Trace is keeping the lowest of profiles on a remote cattle property when death strikes but no one can escape because of a flood and Michelle Prak’s debut thriller The Rush has mother and baby in an isolated pub, bikies and backpackers trapped by rain. What is the attraction of this sub-genre of crime fiction? Why will it live forever? We investigate in the closed Metcalfe Auditorium of the State Library of NSW. Mark your exits…

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