Not News with Cheyne Anderson

This week in memory of last week’s Not News (sacrificed to the premiere of Star Wars: Last Jedi) we have a bumper edition of the relevant, irrelevant news.

We’re starting with Cat Person, a short story published online by the New Yorker that launched a thousand think pieces. It’s a  story about a modern, short-lived relationship that mostly exists through text messages and falls short of expectations when they meet. People have responded very emotionally online sharing their thoughts on the relationship – just see Twitter to get an idea of how big this response has been.

Next up we’re awarding the inaugural Not News, Feminist of the Year Award. It goes to Matt Damon, for his ‘Damon-splaining’ contribution to the narrative of sexual harassment in Hollywood. One that mostly consists of telling victims what counts and what doesn’t.

Cheyne Anderson’s last gripe for the year is the proliferation of end of year lists. One particularly list has her attention: Triple M’s Ozzest 100, the station’s replacement for Triple J’s Hottest 100 that is moving from January 26. It’s the perfect soundtrack if you want to spend your day celebrating genocide with a nationalist BBQ. We’d like to take the time to recommend that Triple M listeners take a break from their usual listening that day.

And finally for the real news that we missed, the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Child Sex Abuse came out. With some really important changes that we’re hoping will be listened to.

That’s Not News, signing off for 2017. See you next year.

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