Not News with Cheyne Anderson

Cheyne Anderson returns with another week’s worth of apocalyptic truth bombs when it comes to the state of today’s news media and bland pap it insists on spitting into our baby bird-like upturned mouths.

  • This week, Elon Musk might have made history with Falcon Heavy rocket test, but all the coverage of Starman and the Flying Tesla was nothing but free advertising for the car company.
  • Are McDonald’s chips going to stop you from going bald? Probably not, but why are we talking about that and not the “silicon-based antifoaming agent” that’s apparently keeping your hair safe and sound.
  • Did you know that there’s a new Jenner baby in the wild? Of course you did and that’s basically the problem.

And while all that was happening, you didn’t even have time to consider the implications of the Deep Fakes AI-assisted fake porn creation software did you? That’s assuming you even heard about it…

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