Not News with Nic Healey

While Jess Klajman takes the reins on 2ser Breakfast, Nic dusts off his battered reportering hat and return to the dank world of Not News.

So what anti-intellectual detritus was choking the news cycle this week? Well the Further Adventures of Barnaby Joyce and the No Good, Very Bad, Horrible Career took a sharplu Maybe Baby turn at the start of the week.

That was so deeply unpleasant that rating the weight loss of I’m A Celebrity “celebrities” almost looked tasteful — certainly more tasteful than Dave Hughes decision to air his dirty laundry and dirtier teeth on primetime TV.

And while all that was going on, we could have paid a little more attention to Catherine Marriott who pointed out that the leaking of her private complaint against Barnaby is exactly why more women don’t come forward.

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