Not News with Geoff Field

While the news this week has been dominated by the Thailand rescue mission there have also been cases of some not news filtering through. For starters Aldi has taken away their release of a so-called budget-version of the iconic Mark Tuckey Egg Cup stool the day before it was expected to hit the shelves, stirring homeware fanatics into a frenzied rage. Next Kylie Jenner’s Forbes magazine cover reveals she may be the youngest ‘self made’ billionaire in the near future. And finally the shocking revelation that Russell Crowe doesn’t always look like a movie star, after he was spotted looking dramatically different in disneyland.

And for what should be making more news is the Japan flooding which, at current, has a death toll of 179 people which is expected to significantly rise. 8 million people have evacuated their homes after Japan experienced years worth of rain in a short period of time, the torrential rain unleashing floods and landslides. This is a tragedy and an emergency.

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