NSW Prisons – Tablet Technology for June 2023

So I recently had a conversation with the wonderful program coordinator, Kate Pinnock, from the Jailbreak radio program. It’s a program thats part of a broader project by the Community Restorative Centre that focuses on health, support and information for people in prison and their families. You can give it a listen at 2SER.com/jailbreak.

Now, because I am interested in tech, I had Kate give me a bit of a broad introduction as to what kind of technology is in use in prisons. I also asked her a bit about what I called the ‘tablet rollout of June 2023’. Basically, at the start of COVID around 2020, for social distancing reasons, some people in jail were given tablets to be able to, y’know, video call their loved ones. That ended up being a somewhat successful pilot program, and now there’s plans to rollout these tablets to rest of NSW’s Correctional Facilities about or by June 2023.

Here’s that conversation.


Photo by Francesca Runza on Unsplash.

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