NSW State Election: Back to Basics

The NSW state election is only 13 days away! The NSW state election will be held on the 23rd of March, so, today we are talking about what we’re voting for and how to vote? To get back to the basics our producer Marlene Even spoke with the NSW Parliament’s senior education officer Daniela Giorgi. 

This is Part 1, of our NSW election lesson, be sure to check out Part 2, the Pop Quiz with Daniela Giorgi.

If you would like to attend the ‘Visit Before You Vote’ Tour,  the last tour before the election will be held on Tuesday 12th March 5.00-6.00pm at Parliament of NSW.  The tour is free but registration is required, to register call 9230 2047

Photo: ‘Visit Before You Vote’ tour with the tour guide (right) Rita Vila education officer at NSW Parliament (Credit: Marlene Even).

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