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Fraser A. Gorman – Easy Dazy

The Innocence Mission – Sun on the Square
Kamal Keila – Muslims and Christians
Bodega – Endless Scroll
Frida – Feel Again
Echo Courts – Take Away
Super Elcados – Togetherness Is Always A Good Venture: Tambourine Party Vol. 2
Blizzard Babies – Missing Time
Smokescreens – Used to Yesterday

Let me introduce you to a man widely referred to as the James Brown of Sudan — Kamal Keila. You’ll hear a rare re-issue of his record Muslims and Christians this week which is one of the very few recorded Sudanese jazz albums in existence. Exploring a strain of jazz which is unlike anything we consider that genre to be in the “West”, it’s a lively composite of Sudanese rhythms and arrangements, mixed with old school American rock and rhythm and blues. There’s an indelible groove throughout and one that was close to being lost forever. The tapes were underwhelmingly given to Habibi Funk Records’ label honcho Jannis Stuertz in a plastic bag and were some of the worst reels he had ever seen — water stained, mouldy and seemingly irreparable. Instead of listening to the album direct off the tape reel, Jannis digitised them straight away and, despite its appearance, the audio actually turned out to be high quality. This proved to be an extremely lucky move as when it came to his second attempt at listening to the album and direct off the tape this time, they were barely audible.

Enjoyed Parquet Courts’ album from a few weeks back? If so, BODEGA is a band for you. Recorded and produced by Parquet Courts’ very own Austin brown, the band hails from New York and their debut album Endless Scroll is minimal yet propulsive – a rock skeletal frame with a post-punk pulse. Full of confessional narratives, introspective self deprecation and sharp-witted humour, there’s a hypnotising feel to their deadpan delivery that keeps us locked in. Recorded and produced by Parquet Courts’ Austin Brown.

You’ll also hear the delightful, pastoral sounds of long-running American trio, The Innocence Mission. Their thirteenth studio album, Sun on the Square, is a stunning folk-pop affair that’s rich with gorgeous string arrangements, horns and reverberating piano thrums. Karen Peris’ vocals remains the centrepiece though, moving and breathtaking as ever and seamlessly nailing hope and sadness all at the same time. It’s a family affair on this one too with the kids of members Karen and Don Peris playing violin and viola across several tracks.

And new singles from The Chills, Wild Maker, Tanukichan, Mogwai, Tomberlin and LAUREL.

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Monday 9th of July, 2018

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