Oil Drilling in the Great Australian Bight

In the early 2010’s the Federal Government created a group of deepwater oil drilling leases in the Great Australian Bight.  BP was the first to look into the the idea of drilling in the the Bight.  They decided not to drill, and the environmentally-concerned breathed a momentary sigh of relief.  Since then Norwegian company Equinor has moved in, and has been very seriously investigating the idea of beginning test-drilling in the Bight.  Deep down in the Environmental Plan that Equinor released is an image of the worst-case scenario is truly disturbing.  It shows most of the Southern coast line – from Albany to Port Macquarie – swamped in oil.  We were joined on the phone by Surf Journalist, Sean Doherty, who has become one of the more visible campaigners against oil exploration in our Southern waters.

Image Credit: Screenshot of worst-case scenario taken from the Equinor Environmental Plan

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