On DIY ‘Bedroom’ Music and Post-Genre in the Lockdown Era

Inspiration may be in short supply when you’re in the middle of a pandemic lockdown, but creativity always finds its way around. Thanks to Digital Audio Workstations (or DAWs), home studios that produce DIY “bedroom” music have surged in popularity again since the world came to a standstill. All you need now is Logic or Ableton or ProTools, and accounts on YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify. The Internet will do the rest. Thanks to such low barriers to access and entry, “bedroom music” has a whole range of artists across the board, taking their influences from all styles and sounds.


Has the rise of the ‘DIY artist’ rendered the term ‘genre’ moot? Tuesday Drive’s EP Jono spoke with one of Sydney’s DIY bedroom musicians, Arnold Kam, aka ANGL, on innovation and creativity in quarantine, and navigating a post-genre music world.

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