On The Fence: Book Banning

Book banning is a form of censorship that occurs when the content, ideas and themes of a book are deemed inappropriate or harmful to wider society, causing their access to be restricted.

This kind of book banning is thought to be a thing of the past, however, it is happening more frequently than you would expect, both overseas and within Australia. With the phenomenon expanding, one can’t help but wonder how this affects freedom of speech, which is so highly valued within our contemporary society.

Join Catherine and Angeline as they:

  • Find out what book banning is and its impact in Australia and overseas
  • Consider the impact of book banning on schools and the education system
  • Discover the influence of book banning on the perception and representation of marginalised groups in society

This feature includes interviews with Associate Teaching Professor of Writing, Trisha Tucker, and ex-High School English Teacher and Author, Butch Schwarzkopf to gain their perspective on the rippling affects of book banning on modern society.

With Thanks To:

Trisha Tucker, Associate Teaching Professor of Writing

Butch Schwarzkopf, Ex-High School English Teacher and Author

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