On The Fence: Generational Social Media

If you were to think of someone who is always on their phone, who do you think of? Most likely, a teenager with a hoodie on, lying on the couch, scrolling. But is that the truth?
Everyone has always thought Gen Z are the digitally absorbed generation of the times. Join Reihane and Chloe as they break the stereotypes and find out more about:

  • What Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X’s use of social media looks like
  • Whether one generation uses social media more than the other
  • If one generation is more dependent on social media

We chat to Tess Guo, a student at the University of Sydney, Stephanie Wong, a UX/UI designer and Judy Bronze, an elementary school vice-principal, to learn about how they use social media. We ask Evelyn Honeywill, who is completing her PhD in social media, to help us tie it all together.

With thanks to:

Tess Guo, student at the University of Sydney

Stephanie Wong, UX/UI designer

Judy Bronze, vice-principal at elementary school

Evelyn Honeywill, completing her PhD in social media

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