On The Money Podcast Ep.3: Westpac Class Action and Dollar Milk

Welcome to the On the Money Podcast, your weekly run down on all things financial. On the show this week: a class action lawsuit has been launched against Westpac, for alleged irresponsible lending practices.

This action has been undertaken by law firm Maurice Blackburn. It follows a $35 million settlement between Westpac and ASIC, which was overturned in the Federal Court. Ben Robinson speaks with Cameron Murray, Senior Economist at the Australia Institute, to find out what is different this time around.

Woolworths has been on the radar all week. The supermarket giant has decided to abolish $1 milk in a show of solidarity with dairy farmers. Kevin Suarez speaks with David Inall (CEO of Australian Dairy Farmers) and Associate Professor Gary Mortimer (QUT) to find out what this means for the industry.

Also on the show: confidence in the Neoliberal economic model is decreasing rapidly. Is New Monetary Theory the answer to anemic economic growth? Vincent Su is joined by Professor of Economics Steven Hail (University of Adelaide) in this three-part series. This show contains Part One.


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