On The Money Podcast Ep.6: Gender Lens Investing & New Monetary Theory

Welcome to the On the Money Podcast, your weekly run down on all things financial. On the show this week: the new movement taking over the investment scene, Gender Lens Investing.

The Me Too movement rocked the film industry, but it has also heavily impacted the business and finance world. Producer Veronika Aleshina speaks with Danielle Logue, Associate Professor at the UTS Business School, about Gender Lens Investing. The new movement in the business innovation and entrepreneurship space is partially facilitated by programs set up by former Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs.

We continue to cover the fall-out of the Hayne Royal Commission into the Banking sector. Producer Daniel Elison is joined by Dante De Gori, CEO of Financial Planners Association of Australia, to discuss a new independent and credible ratings system designed to keep the financial services sector accountable to investors.

Also on the show: Part III of our three-part investigation into New Monetary Theory. Vincent Su is again joined by Professor of Economics Steven Hail from the University of Adelaide to discuss the Job Guarantee, and the potential downfalls of implementing MMT in practice.


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