Orange Orange releases latest album – The Sun Isn’t Gone

When was the last time you shared new music with your friends?

We guarantee after you hear the Melbourne-based composer’s Orange Orange second album ‘The Sun Isn’t Gone’ you will be sharing his music with complete strangers!

The man behind Orange Orange is Ryan Basile who by the time he was eight had self-produced three albums which is a huge feat for any musician. In his early days, Ryan was introduced to music through his Dad, who taught him the basics of how to play guitar and got him hooked on the iconic Beatles and Elvis. Destined for the stage Ryan started performing in a band called Plaza-TRG and in 2019 composed his first album under Orange Orange called ‘Shame’ a few days before he had to do his HSC exams.

Now a few years down the track, Orange Orange is back to fill our ears with joy with his newest album ‘The Sun Isn’t Gone’. Written throughout his uni life and harsh Melbourne lockdowns the 11 songs on the LP string together to paint a picture of a strange but important time in Ryan’s life. In the last five years of performing Orange Orange has gained a well-recognised stage presence with the whole band wearing jumpsuits!

We hope to see Orange Orange in their Jumpsuits in Sydney sometime soon, but for now, you can listen to Orange Orange tell you more about himself and his latest release.

Stream ‘The Sun Isn’t Gone’ here

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Find out more about Orange Orange on his website or his Instagram

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