Orange Thrower – A Love Letter to South African Women

The night is still. The air is hot and thick. Matching houses stretch as far as the eye can see. Welcome to the sunny suburb of Paradise.While her folks are back in Johannesburg, Zadie is holding down the family fort. This means keeping her little sis away from bush doofs, avoiding the cute boy next door, and smiling when her nice white neighbours try to touch her hair. All  that  changes  when  an  unexpected  visitor bursts back into Zadie’s life in the middle of the night, breaking the neighbourhood’s stuffy silence with loud music and even louder opinions. To make matters worse, someone’s been pelting the house with oranges. All of a sudden, Zadie’s got a big, sticky suburban mess on her hands. Written by the amazing Kirsty Marillier, Orange Thrower is her debut work which is set to hit the SBW Stables Theatre from the 18th February to 19th March, and then Riverside Theatre from the 30th March to 2nd April.

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