Oscillations From The Outside

Since 2016’s Mother Of Millions extended player, semi-Nomadic industrial entity Rebel Yell has been canvassing a multitude of sound systems with buzzing sawtooth sinewaves. Initializing surges of cascading dark techno across the Australian soundscape.

After traversing the Australian coastal fringes and roaming international waters, Rebel Yell has sought solace and self reflection. Internalizing the of post-covid apathy and rising financial hardship in the midst of constant self-doubt, resulting in Rebel Yell’s third album DESOLATION. A beat driven journey through the human experience that is also testament to Rebel Yell’s resilience and vulnerability.

Grace Stevenson of Rebel Yell recently took some time out to have a chat on The Band Next Door on 2SER, about dealing with the Rebel Yell persona, finding the right crowd and finding the energy to get out the gear.

Desolation is out now through Dinosaur City Records.


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