Pounding the Pavement with ‘Panic / Desire’

Image by: FAINT

Simona Castricum is a Melbourne based architecture academic, producer, performer and DJ who has just released a sublime album in ‘Panic/Desire’.

It’s her most collaborative musical work to date, which features recording by Evelyn Ida Morris (formerly Pikelet), mixing by Architecture in Helsinki’s James Cecil, acoustic drums from Raquel Solier (Various Asses), vocals by m8triarchy, and Em Gayfer on guitar.

‘Panic/Desire’ is intensely political as it is danceable, tackling topics of sex, surveillance, the patriarchy, and Simona’s experiences as a gender non-conforming person navigating the world.

2SER’s Music Director Steph Liong phoned Simona, who spoke of how the record became a soundtrack to her architecture thesis, achieving a bigger sound with her collaborators, and the influence of science and utopian fiction.

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