Patching you through to the “Hello Girls” at the Hayes Theatre!

Hello Girls is a contemporary musical that charts the journey of a feisty bunch of trail-blazing women who turned the US Army on its head and made history…true story!

Taking us back to 1918 and the US Army in Europe, The Hello Girls tells the story of a group of female telephone operators who travel from America to France during the First World War, to serve in the U.S. Army as bilingual telephone operators, thus becoming America’s first women soldiers. Unfortunately, it would take many years for these women’s service to be recognised and honoured, blazing a trail for equality for today’s women in the armed forces.

Currently at the Hayes Theatre from 10th of January to the 4th of February the musical has already had glowing reviews, most about the iconic harmonies aaaand one from my sister who was very impressed with their props specifically their telephone desks

Rhianna McCourt who plays Grace Banker joined Mitch Lumsden from Wednesday Drive to chat about the show and answer my very important question about ‘victory red lipstick’ :’) to catch her answer and the rest of the interview which I promise is about the musical and storyline listen back by pressing play!

To experience the amazing harmonies and get transported back in time head to the Hayes Theatre website to secure your tickets!

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