PIAC – Uncovering misuse of handcuffs in immigration detention

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre (PIAC), an independent, non-profit organisation that works with people and communities who are marginalised and facing disadvantage, is gathering information about the use of handcuffs in Australian onshore immigration detention to investigate the potential for a class action.

The Commonwealth and its security contractor Serco have settled a case with PIAC client Yasir (named changed to protect client identity) after a three year legal battle in the Federal Court of Australia. PIAC has previously discussed the case on 2SER.

Yasir is happy with the settlement of his case, but we believe there may be many others suffering from the overuse of handcuffs in immigration detention. Many people seeking asylum have a history of trauma, torture and/or abuse, which can be exacerbated by use of handcuffs.

PIAC Senior Solicitor Gabrielle Sheehan joined 2SER Breakfast to discuss.
PIAC is particularly concerned that the requirement that people wear handcuffs to medical appointments means people are forced to choose between being retraumatised or missing out on essential medical care. That’s why PIAC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit and have set up a survey to try to find out more information about this issue.

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