Playing with Sharks: Valarie Taylor Story

There is a sense of reminiscence when we watch old films or photographs. 

It can be the quality of the object, the bright colours or different sounds that don’t reflect the technology we have today. But it can also be the object’s ability to record time

The underwater icon that was involved in the making of Jaws, Valerie Taylor, did just that, and is now donating her and her husband’s six decades of recorded marine life to the nation. 

The material, digitised and remastered, is now featured in the Sundance-selected ‘Playing with Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story‘ that is directed by Sally Atiken and produced by Bettina Dalton. 

Bettina Dalton, producer of the film from WildBear Entertainment joined the Daily Show.

Photo supplied by Bettina Dalton (Bettina on the right and Valarie on the left)

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