Podcast EXTRA – Senator David Leyonhjelm on 18C – ‘offence is taken and not given’

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On March 30, a late-night debate in the Senate saw the Government’s attempt to change section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act reach defeat, after an alliance by Labor, Greens, Nick Xenophon’s team and Jacqui Lambie, voted down the proposed changes – 31 to 28.

This means that the plan to remove ‘offend, insult or humiliate” from section 18C and replace it with the term “harass” will no longer go ahead. Although we do expect to see some changes to the processes of the Human Rights Commission.

Just Words producer Myles Houlbrook-Walk spoke to Senator David Leyonhjelm on March 21, a week prior to the bills defeat.

Wednesday 26th of April, 2017

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