Polar Indie Pop Bands Together on Moral Outage

After releasing a small handful of EP’s roughly ten years ago, Sydney based indie outfit Magnetic Heads has unveiled an album that is the result of nearly a decades worth of conceptually creative ideas floating around.
Originally the brainchild of Jonathon Miller who is one of the hive minds of local label Broken Stone Records (Home to Melodie Nelson, The Sticks, Roadhouses among many others) the name of Magnetic Heads has been somewhat extended to include Jonathan’s studio confidante Liam Judson – the proprietor of Liam Judson’s Sonic Funhouse where the album was realized and recorded.
After many laborious nights, and sporadic weekend trips to the Blue Mountains from the urban jungle the result of their tinkering time together is the first full length from Magnetic Heads, a nine track record titled Moral Outage.

The record sees a step away from the Magnetic Heads sound that you might be familiar with from those early releases, as the collaborative effort between Jono and Liam has resulted in an approach that features a largely electronic bed of tunes brought to life with an array of synthesizers and delicately programmed plug-ins on analogue instruments, to help give the record it’s seemingly pop-noir edge.

Jonathon of Magnetic Heads took some time out to have a chat on The Band Next Door about the ethos of being a musician who helps run a label, the visual concepts that help mold the record and the importance of meeting your neighbours.

You can check out Moral Outage, the debut record by Magnetic Heads on Bandcamp.

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