Polish Club Are Cookin’ Up Something Special

You’d be hard pressed to find a band more universally liked and appreciated than Polish Club. 

The Sydney duo, made up of Novak and John-Henry (if we’re being formal), have earned a reputation for being some of the hardest workers and nicest blokes in the local music scene – while also crafting some of the most energetic and exciting rock music in the game. 

They’ve already crafted two incredible albums – 2017’s Alright Already and 2019’s beloved Iguana – and now they’ve returned with Now We’re Cookin’, a ripping album of rock-pop cuts that house some of the best tracks they’ve released in Stop For A Minute and Just Talkin. 

So to chat though how it all came together, they joined Jules and Mick on The Tuckshop and it was a bit crazy!

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