POST-ITS Take Comedy into the Digital Age

Have you heard of POST-ITS?  They’re a improve sketch comedy group based out of Sydney, and they’re bring seriously laughter to the people of Sydney through their innovative style of democratic comedy. POST ITS’ usual M.O. is to source the who, what and where of their comedy from their audience in the form of post it notes distributed and collected throughout the show.

Recently, the group has been pushing the limits and experimenting with a new style that will form the basis of their show ‘Improv.ppt’, which subverts all the usual rules of group improv by actively throwing each other under the bus and watching each comic make sense of their situation.

Sidd sat down with Bryce and Bec from POST ITS to find out more about their comedic experiment.

You can find out more about the group as well as information about upcoming shows by clicking here.

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