Premiere of Aerial Theatre Show Frameshift

Art and About Sydney, celebrates arts and creativity and enables artists locally and across the world, to display their ideas and artistic flair in urban spaces across Sydney. After 13 years of being a month long project, it is now a yearly celebration of ‘art in unusual places’, and is back this year with many creative projects.

One such project is the Australian premiere of Frameshift which is an aerial theatre show that blends breakdancing and aerial manoeuvres. It’s a collaboration between Australian physical theatre company Stalker Theatre and Korean vertical performance groups, Creative Dandi and Drifterz Crew.

What can we expect to see from this show and what it’s broader message? Stalker Theater director David Clarkson spoke to James Hill on the Daily to tell us more about this unique production.

For more details on how you can attend the Australian premiere of Frameshift and to find out more about the Stalker Theatre Company,  visit the following websites.

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