Pro-Palestine Camps Demanding Change At Universities Around Australia

Encampments and protests are happening around the world in response to the situation happening in Gaza, a response that has been seen in Australia as well.

At The University of Queensland and Melbourne University, such encampments have popped up demanding changes from their institutions and reforming of investments.

Other camps have erected however in response to these protests, including one such Camp Shalom located in UQ.

The Wire’s Yumeng Gu and Zachary Probert has the story

Image: Image: Supplied/ Zachary Probert

Produced By: Zachary Probert, and Yumeng Gu

Featured In Story: William Sims – Spokesperson for Students For Palestine UQ , Alyssa Peterson – PhD Student at UQ, David Gonzalez – Branch President of National Tertiary Education Union, Rory – National Tertiary Education Union Staff Member, and Ethan – Melbourne University Student and Gaza Encampment Organiser

First aired on The Wire, Friday 10 May 2024