Proposal for Government Agencies to Share User’s Data

This week the ‘Data Availability and Transparency Bill’ was proposed by the Federal Government that would see user’s data being shared between government agencies. The bill states that in order for the data to be shared, it must only be for the purpose of delivering government services, government policies, and research and development, whilst specifically excluding purposes such as law enforcement and marketing. The Minister for Government Services, Stuart Robert highlighted that it will allow government agencies to streamline their services and prevent unnecessary duplication. 

However, whilst it means agencies such as the ATO, Centrelink, and Bureau of Statistics will be able to share data with each other, there are concerns over the potential for other “accredited” bodies, such as universities and businesses to be included, as well as the security of that data if it is all in one place.

2SER spoke with Dr Bruce Baer Arnold, Assistant Professor of Canberra Law School at the University of Canberra.

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