Protecting koalas from climate change

Australia’s native animals have been built to survive the often harsh conditions that the country frequently finds itself facing. However, the current drought is so severe that many animals are now finding it difficult to cope – including koalas, who have been struggling to find water and are dropping out of trees as a result.

A research program at the University of Sydney hopes to fix this and has begun to install drinking stations in trees in Gunnedah, NSW – often called the koala capital of the world. The University is currently raising funds for these stations as part of their annual Pave the Way campaign. James Hill was joined by Dr Valentina Mella from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at Sydney Uni, to find out more.

If you want to give Dr Mella and the koalas a helping hand, you can visit the Pave the Way website and make a donation. 

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