Pushing it to the extreme with Cable Ties

There’s a band from Melbourne that has been building its noise, slowly but surely rumbling, combining with a driving beat to permeate your thoughts and wake you from your slumber.

Shining a light on social causes in music is not a new thing, but when lead singer, Jenny McKechnie delivers her stinging lyrics on patriarchal trauma, you stop and listen while it breaks the invisible barrier between the artist and the listener.

And then there’s the drum and bass that Shauna and Nick create and you have one of the most visceral listening experiences you’ve ever had and that’s before you’ve seen them live!

Cable Ties have stood tall in the underground punk scene in Melbourne for some time and with their third album, All Her Plans, they’ve still got a lot to say and they’re not about to stop! We welcomed Jenny and Shauna to the The Tuckshop!

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