Queen’s Birthday Fun Facts

Did you know it’s not actually the Queen’s birthday today? Her birthday was actually back on 21 April, so why do we celebrate in June? It all stems back to the November-born King Edward VII who didn’t want to celebrate his birthday during the miserable weather and moved the celebrations to June, right in the middle of the English summer. This matter of convenience has since become tradition, even on our Australian shores. Although, WA likes to be different and celebrates in September or October, depending on their schedule.

A fun fact that you may be surprised to find out, is that despite her status the Queen prefers to have simple food on her birthday, a raspberry jam sandwich with a tart and a slice of chocolate cake or a scone with jam and cream. She is also partial to a glass of gin.

Enjoy the public holiday, crack out the raspberry jam and raise a glass of gin to the belated birthday of Queen Elizabeth!

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