Queensland Labor Achieves Swing in Historic Election Victory

Those that kept an eye on it will know that Queensland held its state election over the weekend, and that Labor and Anastasia Palasczcuk – expectedly – and fairly easily – maintained Government. 

Here in NSW we might not be totally across how it all went down, so to give us a better idea, we were joined this morning by the Honorable Dr Mary Crawford, former MP for the seat of Forde in Brisbane, and Academic at the Queensland University of Technology of which she is currently involved with its ‘pathways to politics for women’ programme.

Dr Crawford spoke to The Daily about the political dynamics of QLD, including why state elections trend Labor while federal elections lean LNP. We also got into how Premier Palasczuk’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced the vote, and what it means that two women led both major parties to the polls for the first time in state and federal history.

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