Queerspace Present Gruesome Playground Injuries

Love Stories! They are all around us! They are on our television every night, they’re in the books we read, they even infiltrate the intricately constructed algorithms of our social media feeds. Now, this morning we are also talking about a love story… but it is not the typical love story you are used to! Queerspace is an emerging independent theatre company making representation and inclusion of the widespread LGBTQIA+ community a priority in producing and they are here to talk about their latest production, Grusome Playground injuries.

Two of the show’s actors Ricki Jade, and Laura Morris, along with their Director Mackinnley Bowden visited the 2SER Weekend Breakfast studio to discuss the upcoming production.

Gruesome Playground Injuries will be playing from April 12th to April 14th. For information on how to purchase tickets head over to QueerSpaceArts.com, or head over to their Facebook page.

Photo credit: Queerspace Facebook page.

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