Quiet Achiever: Lauren Sandler-Hockley

There are people day in day out who are doing extraordinary things.. but we simply don’t hear about them.

Whether it’s working on a cure for a terrible disease, welcoming refugees or even just buying beds for the homeless.. 2SER Breakfast will be profiling a few quiet achievers over the next couple of weeks. If you know someone who makes a difference, but doesn’t receive any of the fanfare let us know! email us at breakfast@2ser.com or call us on 9514 9500

Our next Quiet Achiever is Lauren Sandler-Hockley. She’s the co-founder of CareSeekers. If you were a bit older.. or suffering from a disability.. how would you feel if a stranger came into your home and helped you out? It would be a bit weird right? Well that is currently the situation right across the country as carers and services are assigned to those in need. But what if there was another way?

Careseekers is a company that gives power back to those in need. It allows those people to seek out and get a profile of those looking to care. Something that makes a lot of sense. I caught up with Lauren to find out more

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