R.W.R. McDonald’s Nancy Business

Today’s episode features RWR McDonald discussing his new novel Nancy Business

RWR McDonald

RWR MCDonald is the author of The Nancys. It won the Ngaio Marsh award for a debut novel as well as garnering a slew of nominations. The Nancys are back and today Rob joins us to talk Nancy Business.

Nancy Business

Nancy Business returns to Riverstone. Tippy’s been getting on with life after solving the murder of her teacher. Pike and Devon have bought the murder house and are trying to decorate it without murdering each other. 

So far so normal when the town is rocked by an explosion at the Town Hall. Three people are killed and it looks like the bomber might be a local. 

The bombing happens on the anniversary of Tippy’s father’s death and this brings back so much for her. Tippy is now constantly in fear of more violence and of losing more people close to her. The only thing to do is reform the Nancys and solve the mystery of the lone bomber.

Join me as we discover RWR McDonald’s Nancy Business

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