While most of our shows will be right where you expect them, we do have some temporary changes to the schedule while we concentrate on recruiting new subscribers and putting all our effort into the biggest fundraiser for the year.

Our 6pm – 8pm programming will be replaced with some special guests or extended versions of some of our other programs! You’ll hear some familiar voices, some new voices, and we’re also going to have a bit of fun in there, starting with the absolutely-not-copyright-infringing, one-off very special presentation of “Dedications and Love Songs” with Danny Chifley on Friday Sept 8 at 6pm to kick things off.

We hope you enjoy us mixing it up a little bit – regular programming will return to these slots after Radiothon, and you can catch The Wire on demand or before breakfast at 5:30am if you’re an early bird.

Happy Radiothon!

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Thursday 7th of September, 2023

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