Rate My Boss: Hospo and retail workers turn the table on employers

Just about everyone has had a “dodgy boss” experience in their working life. This is especially true for workers in the retail and hospitality industry, where illegal payment practices, sexual harassment and even assault are all too common.

Fortunately, a new website called “Rate My Boss” is empowering workers with information about potential employers.The site was recently launched by the United Voice Union, giving hospitality workers a chance to review a business’s record before taking on a job. Users are encouraged to share their experiences on the website, providing fellow workers with a valuable resource for finding safe workplaces. Over 1,000 reviews have been uploaded to the website since it was launched in December 2017.

Brett Edgington, the Secretary of Ballarat Regional Trades and Labour Council and an affiliate of the United Voice union has overseen the website’s rollout. He joined Nic to chat about how the website is helping workers find a voice, and helping patrons to find worksafe businesses to support.

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