Rebuilding Australia’s lost shellfish reefs – The restoration of the shellfish reef at Botany Bay

Shellfish reefs are one of Australia’s most critically endangered marine ecosystems.  These reefs, made from billions of oysters and mussels, once thrived in many bays and estuaries along the eastern and western seaboard of Australia.  Today, less than 10% of these reefs remain.

The Nature Conservancy Australia is an environmental non-profit organisation that has made the call to restore 60 shellfish reefs across Australia.  In 2021, the Botany Bay and Georges River Oyster Reef Restoration project was set to bring the shellfish reef ecosystems back from the brink of extinction.   Not only this project is super important for our reef ecosystems, but it is a first in Australia!

Beth interviewed Kirk Dahle, who has been managing this very important project.

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