Reducing ectopic pregnancies following IVF

Approximately 1-2% of pregnancies in Australia are ectopic, which means that the embryo attaches outside of the uterus. But this is much higher in pregnancies that result from assisted reproduction technology such as IVF, with the rate being a high as 11%.

A range of reasons, many of which are still yet to be discovered, can cause ectopic pregnancies following IVF. However, one contributing factor may be the type of IVF treatment women undergo.

New research has looked as the best IVF treatment to reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Alex Wong is one of the authors of the study. Alex is an Associate Professor of Perinatal Epidemiology and Statistician in the Faculty of Health at the University of Technology Sydney.

Image: Umberto Salvagnin on Flickr.

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