Refugee Youth Awards 2017: Asaad Alshekhly’s lone journey across the violent seas to Australia

To wrap up Refugee Week, we are delighted to be joined by a student from the Bankstown Senior College. It is the only school in Sydney to specialise in helping refugees study English and get their HSC, and our guest Asaad Alshekhly has placed in both the academic achievement and leadership categories at the 2017 Western Sydney Refugee Youth Awards.

The 26-year-old is completing his HSC and has been an inspiring force in the Sydney community – translating for migrants at their Centrelink interviews, teaching others to drive and helping them move and adjust to life in Australia.

Asaad made the treacherous four-year journey to Australia alone. He fled Iraq before he was able to finish university and fulfil his dream of becoming an engineer.

The young refugee and his teacher Maria Pascalis join the Monday Daily to share his story.

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