RENEWABLE ENERGY UPDATE: Electric Vehicle Charing and the Electricity Grid

With the number of electric cars on Australian roads doubling last year, it’s time to consider what impact charging those vehicles will have on the country’s electricity grid. Unlike petrol, charging electric vehicles incorporates an element of consumer behaviour into the electricity grid, introducing a new element into the fluctuating demands for electricity across a 24 hour period.

A new University of Queensland study, the ‘UQ TESLASCOPE RESEARCH PROJECT’, has investigated the way people charge their EV’s, focusing primarily on the Tesla Model-3 car as it continues to be the best selling electric vehicle in Australia.

Dr. Matt Wright spoke with 2SER’s Jack Gembitsky about the findings inside this project.


If you would like to know more about EV’s and the electricity grid, check out this article from The Conversation:

And to read the University of Queensland’s study itself, follow this link here:

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