Residents Facing Hard Lockdown In North Melbourne

The spike in coronavirus cases in Victoria has led to many suburbs around North Melbourne to be put back under stage three coronavirus restrictions. This means residents can only leave their homes for work, study, exercise, to get essential supplies and for medical care or care-giving. 

However, on Saturday thousands of public housing residents were put under even stricter restrictions in what is being called the ‘hard lock-down’. 

Nine public housing estates in Flemington and North Melbourne have been banned from leaving their homes for at least five days with 500 police stationed across the towers. 

This was sparked after more than 27 covid-19 cases were identified in the towers but concern has been raised over a lack of communication with residents.

We were joined by Awatif Taha, a resident in one of the public housing flats in Flemington and a volunteer at the Multi-Cultural Sudanese Centre at Holland Court. 

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