Rethinking Commercial Identities – TEDx/Macquarie University

Episode 1: Rethinking Commercial Identities

What sets your business apart from others in the field? This question is one that all business owners, big or small, will ask themselves at some point in their careers. Defining the purpose of your business is extremely important, but it isn’t always easy. Thankfully, Talk of the Town is here to help.

In this episode of Talk of the Town we’re bringing you all the talks from Macquarie University’s TEDx event which tackle this issue. Each talk represents a different way businesses may deal with the question of what makes their business unique.

These talks were originally presented at the TEDx Macquarie University event on the 21st of September 2019, and are presented here in collaboration with Macquarie University

Featured in this episode:

The purpose-driven university – Debbi Haski-Leventhal: Have universities become so focused on being the best that they’ve forgotten their purpose? In this talk, Debbi Haski Leventhal poses an important question: what is the purpose of universities?

My healing power of cake in a world full of turmoil – Nadine Ingram: For many, the success of a business is measured in concrete, quantifiable things. Money made, stores opened, units sold. In her talk, Nadine Ingram challenges this idea, explaining how the focus of her business is on the connections it creates.

How to break up with your public identity – Rachel Service: For Rachel Service, she was what made her business unique. As the founder and face of her company, her personal life was intrinsically linked with her public one. In this talk, Rachel explains what happens when who she was began to change… and how that affected the business.

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