Think: Digital Futures – Rethinking Repair

Electronic waste is a mounting problem, with hundreds of thousand of tonnes of electronics going into landfill every year, in Australia alone. You’re more likely to just buy a new appliance, rather than spending more time and money to get it repaired. Electronic locks on technology mean both owners and repair people struggle to do basic fixes on the things we buy. How did we end up with this throwaway culture, where it’s easier to buy something new than to have it repaired? And how do we find a way out?


Thomas Lee, senior lecturer in design studies at the University of Technology, Sydney.

Bridget Kennedy, founding member of the Repair Cafe, Sydney North.

Leanne Wiseman, professor of intellectual property law at Griffith University

Enjoying the Loop, Thomas Skyldeberg
Two Wave Hold Down, Felix Johannsen Carne
Falcon Crest On Acid, So Vea

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